Deep tissue massage in tennis players

According to a report which was realised by the Sports Science department at Harvard University, 88% of sports men and women have shown preference towards deep tissue massage. Out of these numbers, 60% were tennis players. According to these statistics, it is clear that deep tissue massage has found favour among the tennis players than any other sport.

Perhaps one may ask, why deep tissue massage? To answer this question, it is important first to understand the meaning before discussing the importance of deep tissue massage to tennis players.Definition Deep tissue massage can be defined as the art of massage which pays more attention to the deeper muscles tissues and facia.

This may involve the use of more pressure so as to reach the deeper intended muscles.Benefits of deep tissue massage to tennis players Most tennis players are always under intense stress due to the nature of the game which demands a lot from them within a short period of time. As such deep tissue massage is beneficial since it helps in reliefing stress. Moreover it helps in easing pain in players this is after and even before the game.

Tennis involves constant and fast movements which requires flexibility hence this kind of massage helps in easing movement since it improves the flexibility of the muscles. Furthermore it helps in lowering or reducing heart rate and blood pressure among the players.Conclusion With all these benefits said and done, it is important to distinguish myths from truth concerning deep tissue massage.

Sports Massage Therapies- A modern day sportsmans best friend.

The sporting arena in the 21st century has become increasingly competitive, and athletes, are always looking for ways to enhance their performances legally and to be one step ahead of their competition at all times. A sports massage is one of the best ways for an athlete to gain that competitive edge.

A sports massage is basically applying specific massage practices on an athlete with the sole purpose of boosting the athlete’s preparation for the physical side of training and competition. In other words, A sports massage uses massage techniques on target muscles in order to let the athlete use them to the fullest.

A sports massage is generally given to the athlete before his big event, but can be given during and after the event also.A sports massage has a lot of benefits, to name a few, A sports massage help the athlete feel more relaxed, a sports massage help in reducing mental stress by inducing an overall sense of well-being, and helps them in being more focused, it also makes the athlete’s muscles and joints more flexible and so on.

To sum, up, a sports massage is a big boon to the modern athlete, as it provides them with the legal way to enhance their performances and up their game. Just remember to make sure to use a fully qualified sports massage therapist who have been through all the relevant sports massage courses.


Believe it or not, massage can actually be a rather complicated and confusing thing, especially considering the amount of different types of massages there are out there and the fact that there are even more being thought up all the time. Some people seem to think that only certain people are allowed to enjoy certain massages but this is not the case.

When it comes to sports massage, many people seem to think that only a sports person can undertake a sports massage but this is definitely not the case. We have come up with everything that is involved in a sports massage and what exactly it does to help you. So even if you are not a sports person, if it sounds like something you need, then go for it.